Quickstart Guide

Here's a quickstart guide to help you setup your OverHead Pro Kit. If you purchased the Arm, the same instructions should apply.

For any additional questions, feedback on this guide, or issues with your product, please feel free to contact hello@getoverheadpro.com.

How to Assemble the OverHead Pro Tripod Kit (with a Smartphone)

Extend tripod legs

Flip to unlock

Pull to extend legs

Flip back to lock

Adjust height

Unscrew knob

Pull up column (and tighten via knob)

Remove ballhead

Unscrew ballhead (ensure knob on ballhead is tight)

Carefully remove ballhead

Add arm

Align with column screw

Arm not fitting another tripod? Click here.

Tighten screw to secure arm base

Adjust arm


Pull out arm to desired overhead length

Tighten knobs to secure arm grip

Add ballhead to arm end

Align with arm screw

Screw in

Adjust ballhead angle

Adjust ballhead angle and tighten knob to secure

Remove plate

Rotate latch upwards to unlock

Rotate knob upwards to pop off & remove plate

Add smartphone clip to plate

Align plate screw with smartphone clip

Note: newer models use an upgraded smartphone clip, as shown below. This clip is more durable, made of a heavier plastic with metal clamp guides. The same steps for installing the smartphone clip apply.

Use plate screw handle to tighten

Add plate back to ballhead

Insert plate back into casing

Rotate knob downwards to pop-in plate

Rotate latch downwards to lock

Add smartphone

Slide into smartphone clip

Place level on smartphone to spot-check angle

Turn ballhead knob to fine-tune angle


How to Add a DSLR Camera to the OverHead Arm

Align plate screw with DSLR camera screw

Use plate screw handle to tighten

Add plate back to ballhead and lock with knobs and latch

Place level on DSLR camera spot-check angle

Turn ballhead knob for fine angle adjustments


How To Add A Counter-Weight

If your tripod appears to be unbalanced, counter weights are strongly recommended to secure your setup, 

Add a counter-weight to the tripod base
Pull out counter-weight hook
Add weighted bag to hook

Add a counter-weight to the OverHead Arm

Add a weighted bag to the opposite arm end


How To Over-Extend The Tripod Leg Angle

Pull out clip on leg

Rotate leg out to over-extend angle

How To Secure Tripod Legs in Soft Ground

Rotate leg ends to expose spikes


How To Attach A Smartphone or DSLR Camera Directly To The Arm

Check to see if your arm has two screw types at each end. If so, screw in a smartphone clip or DSLR camera directly to the 1/4" screw on the arm.

If your arm does not have 1/4" ending, add a thick 3/8" female to 1/4" male screw adapter (included for select single OverHead Arm purchases only) to the end of the arm

Screw in smartphone clip

Add smartphone









Attach arm to 1/4" tripod base screw

Method 1

Attach the metal convert screw adapter (included in single OverHead Arm purchases only) to the tripod base or tripod screw adapter. Use screwdriver or coin to tighten.

Method 2

Remove ballhead and add a thin 1/4" female to 3/8"male screw adapter over tripod base

Place arm over adapter and install


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