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Introducing the OverHead Pro collection

Introducing the OverHead Pro collection

All the gear creators need to film professional-quality videos with their smartphones or DSLRs. Choose from overhead tripods, monitors, lights, backgrounds, and more.

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Made with love for video creators

Made with love for video creators

Specifically designed for overhead photography and videography. Everything from recipe videos, DIY tutorials, fashion flat lays, product unboxing, music lessons, knitting tutorials, illustration timelapses -- and more. Your imagination's the limit with the OverHead Pro.

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  • Fits Any Phone or Camera

    OverHead Pro tripods are compatible with all smartphones and DSLRs. A truly versatile tool for creators.

  • Light And Strong

    OverHead Pro tripods are lightweight for storage and travel, and are solidly constructed to support heavy weights.

  • Easy Setup

    OverHead Pro tripods set up in less than 2 minutes. Focus on creating, not setting up complicated equipment.