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Introducing the OverHead Pro tripods

Introducing the OverHead Pro tripods

Lightweight, easy-to-use tripods with extendable overhead arms for smartphones and DSLRs. Designed for filming professional-looking overhead videos.

Made with love for food pros

Made with love for food pros

Specifically designed for chefs & food bloggers, OverHead Pro tripods allow you to easily create beautiful overhead recipe videos, so that you can focus on creating beautiful dishes.


  • Lightweight

    OverHead Pro tripods are incredibly compact and lightweight, making for easy storage and travel.

  • Quick Setup

    Set up OverHead Pro tripods in less than 2 minutes. You love food, not complicated equipment.

  • Fits Any Smartphone/DSLR

    OverHead Pro tripods fits any smartphone or DSLR model. Professional video recording just got a whole lot easier.

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  • OverHead Pro gave me the confidence I needed to start making recipe videos! It's so simple & easy to use, even a video newbie like myself got it on the first try. I can't wait to see where OverHead Pro helps take my blog in the world of online content creation and food blogging." Anna Bannister, Food Blogger at


Can I return the OverHead Pro Tripods Kits & Arms?

Absolutely! OverHead Pro offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee on our tripod kits & arms. If you don't like your tripod kit or arm, you can return it within 30 days of delivery for a full refund.

Will OverHead Pro tripods work as regular tripods as well?

Yes, OverHead Pro Tripods work as regular tripods and can mount any standard DSLR camera.

How much will shipping cost?

Shipping is FREE to Canada & USA. For international shipping, please input your address at checkout to determine the shipping cost.

How tall are the OverHead tripods?

The OverHead Smartphone Tripod has a min. height: 54.8m/1.8ft, max. height: 1.5m/5ft. The OverHead DSLR Tripod has a min. height: 0.81m/2.6ft, max. height: 1.80m/6ft.

How far do the OverHead Arms extend?

Both the OverHead Smartphone Arm & the OverHead DSLR arm extend up to 0.91m/3ft.

Do you help me with editing my videos?

Yes! Check out our Video Editing section to learn more.