About Us


It all started when Kiran (Food Blogger at HappyGut) wanted to create 30-second overhead recipe videos with her smartphone. That style of recipe sharing was blowing up over Facebook, and she wanted to get in on the action.

While researching how to produce overhead food videos, she quickly learned that it was not an easy task! There were few resources on the web to help get started. When she went to specialty camera stores in her area, they said they didn't carry such a product.

As a result of many failed attempts to buy an overhead tripod, Kiran decided to build her own. With the help of her techy partner, they came up with a prototype. It worked perfectly. :) 

A few of Kiran's blogger friends asked her where they could buy a tripod like her's, and so, the OverHead Pro was born. :)

We've been featured in The Huffington Post and have partnered with some the best food blogging resources on the web.

We're proudly located in Toronto, Canada. 🇨🇦

Feel free to get in touch with us at hello@getoverheadpro.com, or use the form below.